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Listen: My Interview with Unstoppable Coach

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Want to know what my worst, most crushing moment was? The moment when I almost gave up on my business? Or how about why I decided to work with Empaths? Want to know the secrets I use to grow my business? Have you ever thought about being a coach and want to know more? 

Listen to the super-fun, extremely open interview I did with the lovely Millette Jones!

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Overwhelmed? Find Your Way to Massive Success with Small Steps Forward

Overwhelmed? Find Your Way to Massive Success with Small Steps Forward

I'm the kind of person who always has 10 major projects going at once. After many years of finding this frustrating, I've come to terms with the fact that my brain never shuts off and that I will always have more ideas than I have time to complete. 

Believing in Your Worth: The Secret to Finally Feeling Worthy of the Success, Love, and Joy You Desire

Think of someone who you consider to be very successful, perhaps someone that you strive to be more like. Do you think that you are equal to them? Do you think that you deserve the same success that they do? You should, but you probably don’t. You likely assume that they must be made of something intrinsically better than you are, and this allows them to be more deserving of success and abundance. But here’s the thing: Everything in the entire world is made of particles, and all particles are exactly the same. They are a lot like the legos of the universe; particles make up your body, stars in the sky, the chair you are sitting on - everything. This means that at a particle level, the people you admire are made of the exact same building blocks that you are.