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Let me teach you how to translate those messages and put yourself on the path to healing.

Hi, I’m Tara Meyer-Robson, and I’m a medical intuitive, scientific researcher, bestselling author, and the creator of The Flow Method and Body Language: Deciphering Your Body’s Clues so You Can Heal.

I’m energetic and healthy now, but many years ago, I wasn’t.

Many years ago, I ended up with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) after working myself too hard and holding WAY too much on my shoulders without help or support. I was told that CFS was incurable, but thankfully, I am really bad at listening to “authorities” and decided that I was going to find a way to heal myself.

In fact, I knew that if I truly listened to what I kept saying to the doctors - “I feel like my circuits are blown” - that I would start to understand the connection I felt in my gut: that all that burden I was putting on myself and all that worrying about everyone else and all that lack of self-care were all connected to WHY I was manifesting this particular illness at this particular point in time.

So, I began to research everything I could get my hands on that I thought MIGHT have a possible answer or connection. (Once I have a question in my mind, I obsessively seek out answers. In this case, that obsession worked.) After reading and learning everything from energetic healing to anatomy and physiology to philosophy to psychology to quantum physics.

And all of the sudden, I made the discovery that became the foundation for The Flow Method, tying together why we have a particular disease show up right after we have had a whole bunch of negative experiences (or one big, traumatic one). There is a reason. There is a connection. And, when we find that connection, we can change everything.

I healed myself. Then I started working on friends and family. Then I started taking on clients. Then I started teaching other people how to do this in live classes. And now I am going to teach you in a self-guided online course with BONUS live calls with me.

Here’s the completely amazing truth:

The pain and disease you are experiencing now is literally a message the body is trying to send you about what’s off in your mind, body and life. Once you understand the language of your body, you can use that to be able to shift your health, your life, your mind, and just about everything.

Best of all, you can use this new skill for life.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Why you can have nothing but flowing health and happiness in one area of your body and life, and nothing but negative patterns, frustration, and disease in another (and exactly how you fix that!)

  • What the color of a particular rash (and what it looks like and where it shows up) tells you about what’s going on in your life.

  • What movement disorders specifically indicate about ways you may be feeling conflicted or stuck.

  • Why a bump (like a kidney stone) has a different message for you than a tumor or cyst, and specifically what all that means.

  • Why migraines show up at certain times, and what that means.

  • How to recognize a trigger, and how to reset a trigger so that you don’t keep having repeat issues.

  • How to translate LITERALLY anything you have going on with you right now, and what to do with that message in order to shift into healing.

And here’s the really awesome thing:

I don’t just teach you how to translate the message of your body, and then leave you hanging on HOW to actually do something with this information.

I then take you through a step-by-step proprietary process to create a 40 day action plan that is completely individual to your particular needs and how you learn the best.

Yes, you will know HOW to put this information to use for yourself, and it will only take a few minutes a day to start seeing results.

This alone will make such a big difference to you.

When you are dealing with pain or disease, you often feel SO out of control.

This course puts you back in total control of your mind, body, and life - and of any pain or disease you are dealing with. You will feel empowered from the very start.

Honestly, I promise you that this course is life-changing. You will never see pain or sickness the same again.

Here are a few testimonials from recent students and clients:

Tara Meyer Robson Testimonials

And, for those of you that are like me - science-minded:

The entire foundation of my work is based on science. In fact, my methodology (and the scientific discovery at the heart of it) was chosen to be presented at the 2018 Science of Consciousness Conference in conjunction with the University of Arizona.

So, this work is very logical, science-based, and best of all, it works.

Join me to learn the language of your body, and use this for the rest of your life.

What’s included in the course:

  • The complete body translation process, showing you IN DETAIL the underlying message behind just about any pain or disease you might be dealing with. Every lesson is offered in video AND audio, so you can learn the way that is easiest for you.

  • A complete guide to understanding HOW to put it all together and to get the individual message your body is sending you.

  • An Ebook copy of The Flow Method: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation, my award-winning book and program.

  • The Flow Factor Test, allowing you to pinpoint in exactly which of 7 areas of your mind, body, and life you have problem underlying beliefs which are causing negative patterns, pain, and disease.

  • The Reality Type Test, which shows you how you learn the best, allowing you to make a simple action plan that works in the easiest ways for you.

  • How to develop your completely personalized 40 day action plan to help you shift to ease, healing, heath, and joy in all areas of your life.

  • Over 20 HOURS of incredible support resources to help you to succeed, including original guided audio and visual meditations for each area of the body (if you bought each of these separately, you’d spend $200).


  • 2 LIVE calls with me a month, allowing you to get personalized help from me on anything you might be dealing with. (A $499 value)

  • You have immediate access to all of this for life, for one price.

  • You will get all updates and course additions for FREE.

Thanks to Heidi, the cost of the entire life-changing system is only $97. Grab it now, because it will never, ever be offered at this low price again.

There is NO guesswork. I am literally giving you my complete dictionary, with specific examples, and complete system of how to translate literally any disease or pain you are dealing with.