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Recent Interview on David Clarke's Show, with call-ins!

Recent Interview on David Clarke's Show, with call-ins!

I had a blast being interviewed on David Clarke's terrific show. We had so many people call in for help that the show ran over! Listen in to hear my advice to several callers for their particular health issues. 

And - I've been asked back on the show for April! Stay tuned for the date! 

Body Language Master Course: Deciphering Your Body's Clues so You Can Heal

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Whether you are dealing with pain or illness now or simply want to unravel the connection between your mind, life, and health, this workshop will amaze and empower you.

Join award-winning author, mind-body expert, and medical intuitive Tara Meyer-Robson as she transforms your understanding of illness and pain and trains you to become a “medical detective” in your own life, allowing you to take back control and restore wellbeing.

Through stories of those she’s worked with as well as “on-the-spot” medical intuitive readings of participants, Tara will show you how pain or illness is simply the language the body uses to tell you what’s off in your mind, body, and life. And, just like learning a foreign language, when you know how to translate the meaning behind any pain or disease, you can understand the message and profoundly heal. 

In these interactive sessions, you’ll become an expert in translating the messages of the body, allowing you to help yourself, your friends, and others to understand and heal. You’ll also develop an individualized action plan to help you heal pain or illness you are experiencing, allowing profound and lasting shifts in your mind, body, and life. 

Attend the Classes Live: 

4-Part Workshop: January 20, 27, Feb 3, 10

Time: 12 - 2 PM each day


$79 - Includes a copy of Tara’s book ($22.95 value) and all workshop materials

Early bird special! Class only $59 if you register by 12/31/17!!


They can enjoy a special Children’s Art and Movement Class while you are at the workshop for only $25 for 4 classes! Win - win!! 

Can't attend live? Then stream it! 

If you aren't in Denver or can't make it to the live classes, you can still enroll in the course! We will be live streaming the class as well as offering the replay online to those who can't make it in person. You'll receive the ebook version of Tara's book, The Flow Method: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation as well as a downloadable version of all course materials. 

Streaming class enrollment: $49

Early bird special! Enroll by 12/31/17 and the online class is only $29!

Feel on the Verge of Outrage Fatigue? 5 Simple Strategies to Stop from Burning Out

Feel on the Verge of Outrage Fatigue? 5 Simple Strategies to Stop from Burning Out

It’s almost impossible to turn on your TV, computer, or phone without being bombarded with more bad news. 

With one cause after another needing (and deserving) help, and one tragedy after another creating a sense of outrage in our hearts, compassionate people run the very real risk of experiencing “outrage fatigue.” At it’s essence, outrage fatigue causes caring people to become so overwhelmed and exhausted by the awfulness of it all that we hide away, shutting down from everything as a survival instinct to a heart that cannot take anymore hurting. 

5 Ridiculous Myths About Being an Empath

5 Ridiculous Myths About Being an Empath

Like any group of people, stereotypes and myths abound about Empaths. Because of these myths, I get many questions from unaware Empaths who don't believe in there sensitive nature because they don't fit into these stereotypes.

Common questions are: 

  • I think I might be an Empath, but I'm not an introvert. Does that mean I'm not one?
  • I've heard Empaths are generally depressed. I'm highly sensitive but also super happy; I guess I'm not one then?
  • I'm very logical, but I hear that most Empaths are more creative. Is that true? 

Unfortunately, if you think you're an Empath but do not fit into these stereotypes, you might not seek the help you need to understand and protect this important aspect of you.  When you don't know how to turn it on and off, you can run out of energy pretty quickly. Suddenly, you end up super exhausted and unable to keep doing the good you want to do in the world. 

Let's just go ahead and keep that from happening, okay? 

It's time to bust some of the most ridiculous myths about being an Empath: