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Believing in Your Worth: The Secret to Finally Feeling Worthy of the Success, Love, and Joy You Desire

Think of someone who you consider to be very successful, perhaps someone that you strive to be more like. Do you think that you are equal to them? Do you think that you deserve the same success that they do?  

You should, but you probably don’t. You likely assume that they must be made of something intrinsically better than you are, and this allows them to be more deserving of success and abundance.  

But here’s the thing: Everything in the entire world is made of particles, and all particles are exactly the same. They are a lot like the legos of the universe; particles make up your body, stars in the sky, the chair you are sitting on - everything.

This means that at a particle level, the people you admire are made of the exact same building blocks that you are. Because of this, there is nothing different about a Bill Gates or an Oprah Winfrey than you. They do not have, on any physical level, any better particles than you do. Truth be told, you could exchange yourself as humans, and it would literally not matter at all in the grand scheme of things.  

The idea of the from-a-better-family woman or the better-bred man is totally ridiculous. No particle is preprogrammed with any information at all—there are no rich or poor particles, no brilliant or idiotic particles, there is nothing pretty or ugly about them. At the particle level there is no race, no religious affiliation, no blood line, no genetics, no predisposition to weight or disease or anything else; there is literally no distinction between them at all. They are all a blank slate, and are distributed to everyone equally. 

So, the next time that you feel that you “just don’t have what it takes,” or that you “don’t deserve better than you have now,” you just remember this: You are equal to everyone else—even the most successful, happy people you know..  

Your particles have come together to form the person that you are, and the collection that is “you” has every ability to have an amazing life just as you are. You do not need to change anything about yourself to deserve that success; you just need to decide that you are good enough to have it! 

Don’t believe me? Really look around at the kinds of people that have a life that you envy. Do they all look alike? Are they all intelligent? I am willing to bet that some of them are the guys that you knew in college who would dare each other to run around the quad naked! Now, they own multi-million dollar companies and hold public office. If anyone was not able to achieve any level of success that they wanted, then these guys would be jobless and living in their parents’ basements, not running huge corporations and making public policy!

So think about it this way: If they have the particles necessary to make it big in this world, then you certainly do! 

The meaning of all of this? Your particles are as good as anyone else’s; therefore, you are every bit as worthy and important and fascinating as anyone else is—and as completely deserving of a totally wonderful life.

Do you feel worthy of success and happiness? If not, was there ever a time when you did? 

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Tara's Questions for Positive Change: 

  1. Were you ever told that other people had “better breeding” or a “better bloodline” than you? How did this make you feel? Can you now see that this is not a true statement, based on the science of particles?
  2. Have there been times in your life when you felt that other people were better or more deserving than you? When did you feel this way? 
  3. When you think about living the life of your dreams, do you still fear that you aren’t worthy or don’t have what it takes? If so, use this retuning statement: “I am as deserving of my success as anyone else. I am made up of good stuff, and I can use my mind and my actions to create the life of my dreams.” Repeat this statement as often as you like. The more you do it, the more that it will create a new program in your mind, which then shifts your reality.


*This article is an excerpt from my book, The Flow: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation