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Press Release: Could You Become a Bestseller in 1 Day? Award-Winning Author Tara Meyer-Robson Shows Struggling Authors How to Finally Succeed!

After a year of working 24/7 to market the “traditional way” to get her award-winning, critically-acclaimed book "The Flow: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation" stocked in bookstores, author Tara Meyer-Robson researched trends in the publishing industry and created a focused marketing campaign that allowed her to figure out how to be a bestselling author and sell 700 books in a day, becoming a bestseller on in 3 categories. Now, wanting to help other authors finally feel like a success, she’s sharing all her secrets in her new program: Bestseller in 1 Day! The Step-by-Step Formula that Sold 700 Books in a Day, Generated Hundreds of TV and Radio Interviews, and Launched an International Book Tour. 

October 3, 2012 (PRLog) Columbus, Ohio: While most authors have dreamt since childhood of becoming a bestselling author, few every achieve the title. The reason? The book industry is largely stacked against new authors. 


In fact, while authors have made priceless sacrifices to write the book—often writing around the clock for months or years, taking time from friends, family, and other life goals—the average book in the United States sells just 99 copies in its lifetime. Since authors make around $.75 a book, most authors are barely making enough to buy themselves a nice lunch out, let alone enough to pay for the extensive (and expensive) book marketing recommended by the traditional publishing world. 


This truth became very evident to author Tara Meyer-Robson, when her first book, The Flow: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation, was published. “I come from a marketing background and I had worked exceedingly hard to write a ground-breaking book, so I thought it would be easy to market my book to bookstores.” explains Tara. “After my book was selected as a finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s prestigious Book of the Year Awards, I thought it would really be a snap!”

As she found out, bookstores don’t often take a chance on new authors, who usually do not have the same marketing budget as established names. “I cannot tell you the number of times I went into a bookstore with my shiny award sticker and a complete marketing plan in place—showing exactly how I would do all the marketing for the store, in exchange for them just stocking the book—and I was turned away with disdain. I was so frustrated I almost gave up.” 

Finally, she decided to research trends in the more non-traditional, technology-focused ways of selling books. Pulling together a huge amount of research into one focused campaign, she watched with delight as he book became an bestseller in 3 different categories on October 8, 2008. Better yet, she made the “Movers and Shakers” list for several days straight. 

“I honestly could not believe my eyes as I watched my book soar up the bestseller lists. My sales went up 4,700% in one day, and at the end of the day, I had sold 700 books.” She declared. 

Aside from “bestseller status,” she was also amazed to find that she was now sought-out for media interviews, when just a few weeks before, it was almost impossible to get booked. And, in a terrific twist of fate, this one campaign also led to her selling her foreign rights and heading out on a 10-day book tour and launch in Romania.

“It was incredible. The results of this one campaign, which cost me almost nothing, are still happening today!” exclaims Tara. “Not only did I figure out how to be a bestselling author, I also knew I could replicate the results for other authors.”

After being approached by many authors to help them create a similar campaign (and helping several)—and realizing that more authors need this help than she could possibly get to—she decided to package the entire system up in a program she calls “Bestseller in 1 Day! The Step-by-Step Formula that Sold 700 Books in a Day, Generated Hundreds of Radio and TV Interviews, and Launched an International Book Tour.” 

The Bestseller in 1 Day! program launches today, with over $2000 in free bonuses for purchases made before October 8th, 2012, including free gifts from internationally-known comedian Stephen Thomas, “Bombshell Factor” Image Consultant Gigi Belmonico, and well-loved inspirational coach Michelle Barr. In addition, the first 30 purchasers also get a free seat in the live version of the program, taught by Tara herself, allowing 30 lucky people to have even more individualized help and support. 

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In addition, 5% of all program sales are donated to the Maximum Hope Foundation, a charity founded by Brad Garrett, and whose mission is to provide support to families supporting a child with a life-limiting illness. To find out more about this terrific charity: