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The Life Shift Crisis: When is a Breakdown Really a Breakthrough?

“I just don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“I don’t feel like doing anything; I just want to be alone.”

“Nothing seems right about my life right now. My family, friends, and work just don’t seem to fit me anymore.”

“My emotions are all over the place; one day I feel like crying, the next I am totally numb.”

Do any of these statements sound like you? Are you in the process of a major mind, body, or life change? If so, you may be going through the “dark night of the soul.” The good news is that it’s actually a sign that you are on the right track. 

Making a major life change tunes you into a higher, much more aware way of living. While this is for your best, the adjustment to this higher level means that your current beliefs, identity, groups, work, and relationships no longer fit the person that you now know yourself to be. Everything that you know as your life and your comfort zone becomes challenged. You may deal with discomfort, depression, and maybe even a true spiritual crisis, often described as a “dark night of the soul.”  

While this process can feel uncomfortable, it is often a strong indication that you are shifting to become truly powerful and in tune with most positive aspects of life. 

I went through just such a spiritual crisis in the process of rearranging my life to do my heart’s work and live my life purpose. Let me tell you, it is not necessarily a pleasant experience. I didn’t feel like getting up in the morning. I knew that my own mission in life was “to help others and heal their pain,” and I felt a deep calling to do so, but I did not know how best to express myself in the world. I felt so irritated by everything that I had once seen as comfortable that I wanted to just hide myself away from everyone and everything. Nothing seemed to fit me anymore; the things that I used to enjoy were now completely unfulfilling. 

As you begin your journey to your most authentic, happy, and healthy self, you may find yourself going through your own “dark night of the soul.” Caught up in this transition, you may begin wondering if you will ever find your way. You may feel abandoned by life, as everything that you trust and know seems to shake up or disappear all together. You may feel shocked that you are not able to accept the same behavior from others that you once considered normal. 

Perhaps most difficult, you may feel conflicted about moving forward with your plans to better yourself and your life. Part of you may feel excited, because something within you is ready to move forward. After all, your spirit has wanted you to be your truest, most fulfilled self all along. However, another part of you may rebel, perhaps due to a long-standing resistance to change. Worrying thoughts may creep up, such as, “What will I have to leave behind? What if I am crazy? What if I do this and totally mess up my life?” Worse yet, these feelings may be amplified by other people in your life, especially those who have some interest in keeping you as you are today. Of course, this outside reinforcement of your innate fear will only amplify it. 

When this happens (or if it is happening now), take a deep breath. Remember that you are never lost, and you are never abandoned by life or a higher power (however you define such a force)—you are one with the potential of the entire universe. Whether you know it or not, you are being guided forward on a path that is right for you. This is especially true when you have made the courageous decision to change your life.

If you feel lost, unsure, or overwhelmed, go to the life purpose pages and find your true calling. Then, choose to connect with the positive emotions that you feel when you know who you are and why you are here. While connected to these emotions, ask yourself: “Do I want to choose fear and cling to a life that doesn’t suit me anymore? Or do I want to move forward with faith and connect to a fulfilling life where I make a real contribution to the world?”  

The choice becomes very clear. 

Trust your calling and your connection to all that is and move forward, bravely choosing to make choices and create a life that is in tune with your highest callings and deepest dreams. Take time each day to connect with the oneness of the universe through prayer, meditation, or simply sitting in nature. Feel the truth that you always fit into all that is, and that there is a plan at work that is bringing you positive new experiences in alignment with your conscious transformation. Allow yourself to reconnect with your inner sense of purpose, be grateful for your creative power, and trust that you will have all that you need provided for you.

When you have the faith in yourself to change your life for the better, you resonate with the power of love of self and of others. The most noble thing that you can do is to use your unique energy and talents in a way that betters the world for all of us. Not only will you be emotionally fulfilled (no matter what anyone thinks of your decisions), you will make a difference in the lives of all you meet. 


The Flow Method Questions for Introspection: 

1. Do you feel full-body tired or depressed? Do you feel disconnected from everything around you? Can you see where a shift in your beliefs may have caused this change in your life? Do the people and things of your old life fit who you truly are? If not, know that while these experiences no longer fit you, you will bring others into your life that match your new way of being exactly. 

Retuning Statement/Affirmation: “I am always connected to everyone and everything. I trust that I am moving forward into a better life for myself.” Use this statement throughout the day, especially when you are feeling unsure or overwhelmed, to begin retuning your mind, body, and spirit into a new reality. 

2.  Do others in your life put forth fear or judgment about the life that you need to lead in order to be healthy, happy, and empowered? Do you feel shaky or depressed when being around these people?  

If this is an issue for you, limit your exposure to these people. When you are around them, focus on your breath. While breathing in and out slowly, mentally repeat, “I trust myself. I have the right to live an empowered, joyful life.”