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The 5 Worst Places for an Empath - and How to Survive Them All

The 5 Worst Places for an Empath - and How to Survive Them All

Did you know that some everyday places can be a war zone for an Empath? It's true. When you are super-sensitive to all the subtle changes in an environment and are also a sponge for people's emotions, some very normal places can become overwhelming. Here are five:

5 Ridiculous Myths About Being an Empath

5 Ridiculous Myths About Being an Empath

Like any group of people, stereotypes and myths abound about Empaths. Because of these myths, I get many questions from unaware Empaths who don't believe in there sensitive nature because they don't fit into these stereotypes.

Common questions are: 

  • I think I might be an Empath, but I'm not an introvert. Does that mean I'm not one?
  • I've heard Empaths are generally depressed. I'm highly sensitive but also super happy; I guess I'm not one then?
  • I'm very logical, but I hear that most Empaths are more creative. Is that true? 

Unfortunately, if you think you're an Empath but do not fit into these stereotypes, you might not seek the help you need to understand and protect this important aspect of you.  When you don't know how to turn it on and off, you can run out of energy pretty quickly. Suddenly, you end up super exhausted and unable to keep doing the good you want to do in the world. 

Let's just go ahead and keep that from happening, okay? 

It's time to bust some of the most ridiculous myths about being an Empath: 

Listen: My Interview with Unstoppable Coach

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Want to know what my worst, most crushing moment was? The moment when I almost gave up on my business? Or how about why I decided to work with Empaths? Want to know the secrets I use to grow my business? Have you ever thought about being a coach and want to know more? 

Listen to the super-fun, extremely open interview I did with the lovely Millette Jones!

You can listen below in the embedded player, or visit these links to download: 



Also, make sure to visit Millette's site to make sure you never miss an episode of this inspiring podcast:

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5 Tough Lessons Empaths Must Learn to Be Empowered and Healthy

5 Tough Lessons Empaths Must Learn to Be Empowered and Healthy

Are you an Empath? If so, it can be tough to stay empowered and healthy; always feeling everyone’s hurt often leads to putting your own needs aside to do whatever it takes to stop the pain.

It’s time for you to take care of you so that you can keep on taking care of those you love (if you don’t, you will get sick and tired and be unable to function). 

To do so, you need to implement these 5 lessons immediately: