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What Pain is Telling You: How to Decipher the Energetic Reasons for Hurting


"What is pain?"

"Why does it happen?" 

"Can it have an emotional connection?" 

"How can I make the pain stop?"

If you are in pain, these questions are certainly at the top of your mind. In my work, I've found that pain is always the body’s way of letting you know that something in your mind or life is seriously awry and needs changing. 

Further, it always has an important emotional connection. When you dig to the root of those two things, you can often get the pain to go away - in the body and in the life.

Help is here. 

I know you are sick of being in pain, and I want to help. 

To assist you in figuring out the message in your pain, I’ve put together a short list of common types of pain and their potential underlying meanings. However, getting to the root cause of particular pain - or, as is more often the case, pain with additional symptoms - is more complex and usually needs additional information to see the complete picture. That said, this list should trigger some "aha!" moments with the pain you are experiencing.

That said, always trust your own intuition on this; if you read a certain term or feeling and sense that it means something different to you, trust that. As I say again and again, we are all individuals, and what one things means for me may not be the same for you. It's important to honor that.

Your mind and body will tell you what is right. Always listen to it! 

Here is a short list of common pains you might feel:

  • Aching Pain: Heartache, broken heart, sadness, longing. 
  • Stabbing Pain: Being stabbed, feeling that someone or something is stabbing you like an ice pick. 
  • Dull pain: Long-standing emotional pain that has been shoved deep within. Covered up pain.
  • Pounding pain: Frustration or anger; much like the feeling of pounding your head into the wall in frustration.
  • Searing Pain: Feeling burned by someone or something. Deep anger/rage that you do not want to acknowledge.
  • Tearing/Ripping Pain: Being ripped apart at the seams. Feeling like your life or relationships are being ripped apart.
  • Pain On the Left Side of the Body: Deals with a woman in your life, or, if you are a woman, can deal with something that you have put on yourself. It can also happen when you are aching to receive something in your life, whether it is a solution, money, love, or something else. 
  • Pain On the Right Side of the Body: Deals with a man in your life, or, if you are a man, can deal with something that you have put on yourself. It can also happen when you are aching to act on something in your life, or are unable to act on it. 
  • Numbness: While not a pain, it often comes right after a period of intense pain. No matter when you experience it, numbness is always associated with complete emotional blow-out - either entirely, in the case of someone who has numbness all over his body, or partially, in the case of someone who might only have right arm numbness. The area of the body that is numb will correspond to what caused the emotional blow out in the first place. No matter what kind of numbness you are experiencing, there was intense physical, mental, or emotional pain at some point, and your body’s way of protecting you is to make this numb.

Putting it Together: 

In order to decipher what your pain in particular might mean, think about the part of your body that is in pain. Seek out more information about how that part of the body should function. Then, add to that picture the type of pain it is, and the meaning behind that.

For instance, let's say you're male and have a stabbing pain in your right leg when you try to walk. What might that tell you in particular? Well, the leg's function is not only to hold you up, but also to move you forward. Since the pain is on the right side of the body, it has to do with a male in your life or with needing to take action in your life. The stabbing pain tells me that, if this is a male in your life, it feels like you are being attacked by this individual every time you want to move forward. If it's to do with taking action in your life, perhaps to start a business you are passionate about, then it would tell me that you are worried about being attacked if you come out with your real passions and move forward with this business.

As you can see, depending on the body part that is experiencing pain as well as the side of the body where it is manifesting, the meaning behind the pain can be very different. If the above example was a woman and the pain was manifesting in her left shoulder under her shoulder blade, I'd guess that a woman in her life was stabbing her in the back and she felt that she couldn't protect herself. (The shoulder blade being energetically like armor on your back.)

In looking at the pain you are experiencing, can you try to see it from a similar perspective?  

I know that it can be hard to make that shift, especially if thinking this way is new to you. In future articles and webinars, I'll teach you how to become a “Medical Detective” in your own life, recognizing the patterns and emotions that lead to specific disease. However, if you'd like a session with me to discover the underlying causes of your pain (and develop a healing plan now), please contact me

Always remember, you do not consciously cause disease. It is usually due to underlying, unconscious beliefs and patterns, and this is not your fault. Frankly, the pain and disease is the only way that your body can tell you that something is going wrong; it is the language of your body. The good news is that once you can translate what it is saying and get to the root of the issue, you can often reset the issue and healing follows.


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