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Do you have a pattern of the same kind of negative relationships again and again? Do you have a hard time finding business partners that match you perfectly? Do you have a difficult time making income, especially for personal projects? Do you deal with infertility? If so, you may have out-of-The-Flow beliefs in Station 2, since it deals with your ability to physically create things in the world as well as your one-on-one relationships.

What you may experience if you are out-of-The-Flow in Station 2: 

  • Being in relationships where you feel powerless and unable to stand up for yourself, such as emotionally or physically abusive relationships, or co-dependent relationships.

  • Being bullied or abused verbally, physically, emotionally, or mentally.

  • Never finding lovers, friends, or business partners that truly meet your needs.

  • Difficulty or fear about birthing your creative ideas.

  • Having others take your ideas as their own.

  • Being in relationships where fighting is the norm, not the exception.

  • Having stifled creativity, which causes problems ranging from an inability to close new sales or grow your business, to writer’s block and an extreme fear of rejection.

  • Finding it difficult to meet your personal needs—for instance, being unable to make money, get the raise that you deserve, own the cars or homes that you desire, or create the opportunities necessary to attain any other material goods that you desire.

  • Having a conflicted relationship with food—for instance, eating for emotional reasons, or always cleaning your plate even if you are full.

  • Having negative or unfulfilling sexual encounters.

  • If you are tuned in to a fear of losing relationships if you don't control them, you may end up bullying others or using other means to assert your power over them.

Where Station 2 health issues show up: 

If you are tuning into negativity here, you will find that you have disease, pain, or extra weight in these areas: 

  • lower vertebrae

  • pelvis

  • sexual organs

  • bladder

  • large intestine

  • hips

  • buttocks