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Station 1 deals with underlying beliefs about the groups in your life and your power within those groups. If you dealt with bullying as a child or a seriously dysfunctional family where you were the problem-solver from a young age, it's really likely that some of your unconscious beliefs are tuning you into repeated negative experiences and health issues. 

What you'll experience if you are out-of-The-Flow in Station 1: 

If you are preset with negative Station 1 beliefs, you will find that you have some of these behavior patterns and difficulties: 

  • Having experiences where groups are overpowering; you find yourself unable to stand up for your own rights or set healthy boundaries.

  • Believing that the group’s opinions and needs are more important than your own—causing you to sacrifice everything in order to meet their needs or putting aside your needs in order to do everyone else's work so the project doesn't fail.

  • Having incessant worries about fitting in with the groups in your life.

  • Having experiences where your efforts at changing or improving yourself are put down or made fun of by many people around you—causing you to stop making a self-improvement effort and fall back in line with the group.

  • Taking on more work than everyone else in every group, or constantly being volunteered (or volunteering!) for more work.

  • Having a nagging feeling that you have never really fit in with any group, and an overwhelming desire to have somewhere that you feel accepted and understood.

  • Issues where you have had groups turn against you.

  • Being associated with a failing business, church, or community that cannot make enough money to survive.

  • Having financial struggles with your current family, or your childhood family may have had to struggle to make ends meet.

  • Dealing with issues of prejudice over your race, sexual orientation, gender, religious affiliation, or any other common group identity.

Where Station 1 health issues show up:

If you are tuning into negativity here, you will find that you have disease, pain, or extra weight in these areas: 

  • Immune system

  • Legs

  • Feet and toes

  • Knees

  • Ankles

  • Rectum

  • Bones

  • Base of spine

  • Tailbone