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What Back Pain is Trying to Tell You About What's Off in Your Life

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Do you have back pain? Does your low back feel like it is knotted and achy? Have you ever had a herniated or slipped disc?

If so, you are dealing with issues of support and flexibility in your life.

Physically, the spine serves as a column that supports the body and shields the spinal cord. Since the spine runs from the tailbone to the back of the head, it is an important conduit of energy and crosses over many of the “chakras” or energy centers of the body (or, as I call them, "Stations"). The exact type of mind-body or energetic connection going on will correspond to the specific location on the spine.

Here are a few common spine/back issues I see frequently with my clients, along with what the mind-body connection might be:


Low Back Issues:

This area of the spine corresponds with relationships, creation, and money. If you are having pain here, ask yourself if you are having difficulty in any relationships in your life. Or, are you having a hard time creating something you desire, whether it is a physical child or a new project? 

Is there more pain on one side than the other? Is it more of a stabbing pain or an ache? It’s also important to look at the type of pain you are experiencing and the side of the body in which it manifests. For more on that, check out What Pain is Telling You


Middle Back Issues:

This area of the spine corresponds with feeling that you can stand up for yourself or support yourself in life. Do you feel that you are not standing up for yourself? Do you feel that no one supports you? Do you feel unable to support yourself? These are all important questions to ask if you are dealing with issues here.


Upper Back Issues:

This area of the spine tends to deal with “having too much on your back.” Is there something or someone you need to get off your back? Is life too burdensome lately? If you are dealing with issues here, you likely feel overwhelmed and weighted down by the burdens of life, with little or no support. It’s important to ask yourself what you could get rid of to begin to feel better.


Cervical Spine Issues (Neck):

Because the neck is an area with so many important functions, it is hard to generalize what might be going on if you are dealing with issues here. However, if you are dealing with degeneration in the vertebrae, you likely feel a breakdown of your ability to speak your mind and support your ideas (the ideas come from the brain, and your neck supports your head). 

This area of the body tends to have a LOT going on, so I'll deal with the specifics of other issues that might be affecting this area in other articles within this section. 


Slipped/Herniated Disc:

This issue signifies a feeling that your support is slipping or that there is a breakdown of a relationship. If the disc is herniated, the pressure is immense and is causing a feeling of a complete break. Depending on whether it is in the lower, middle, or cervical spine, that will tell you exactly what's going on specifically. 


How to Use This Knowledge Now:

Whatever issue you are facing in your spine/back, first find out the function of the affected body part—what does the body part do for your body? How does it function when healthy? What does the pain feel like? (Check out What Pain is Telling You for help with what specific kinds of pain may be telling you.)

Then, write down a description of the disease—how it progresses, what it does, what is malfunctioning now. Look at what you have written. How can you relate the description of the disease and the proper functioning of the body part with the issues of personal creation, making money, and one-on-one relationships? Look at the language that you have used to find clues for the issue.

It may be tough at first for you to see the connections between the pain you are experiencing, your beliefs, and your current (or past) life experiences. That's okay! It's enough to begin to open yourself to listening to the wisdom of your body. 

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Always remember, you do not consciously cause disease. Rather, it's usually due to underlying, unconscious beliefs and patterns, and this is not your fault. The good news is that once you get to the root of the issue, you can often reset the issue and healing follows!

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