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If you are looking for a guest that is fun, informative, enlightening, and that will have your listeners glued to their seats, look no further. Tara Meyer-Robson is experienced at providing a great interview, and - as a radio host herself - knows what it takes to make the job easy on the interviewer. She is skilled and knowledgeable on many topics having to do with mental health, personal change, dealing with difficulties, breaking bad habits, wellness, and health, as well as many others. A successful entrepreneur, she is perfect for small business topics as well as women in business pieces. And, as a successful author, she's great on all aspects of book publicity, marketing, promotions, and even publishing. Please see the suggested topic list for ideas.

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An incredibly curious person at heart, Tara took 5 years to study psychology, eastern and western medicine, neurophysiology, quantum physics, conscious and subconscious mind threories, energy medicine and anatomy and physiology, eventually making the breakthrough discovery that is the Flow Method.

Now having worked with thousands of people to help them easily transform anything in their lives, Tara has a long track record in successful transformations with her individual clients, retreat guests, and audience members. She has helped people heal from “incurable” diseases, break relationship patterns and finally find their soulmates, get the courage to make major career changes or start businesses, and manage their lives and emotions, breaking life-long patterns of emotional and physical issues.

Tara has clients and readers that are available as guests to tell their transformation stories as well. 

In addition, Tara is a Reiki Master and Health Intuitive. A fascinating show is one where Tara “diagnoses” the underlying mental and life issues that are creating the disease in audience members.

She's also a regular expert guest for book promotions and marketing, as she has a unique perspective of being an author who figured out how to succeed "non-traditionally" when all the "traditional" methods failed. While book promotion is not her focus career-wise, she's passionate about helping other authors find the success they deserve without having to struggle like she did. Because she is so transparent and willing to help, the audience really responds to her.

She just arrived back from an incredible 9-Day Book Tour in Romania to launch the Romanian translation of The Flow (Fluxul)

On a personal side, she's been married to her husband for 18 years and one beautiful adopted daughter. She and her husband went through an astounding amount in the process of adoption; she's also more than happy to share their story (and happy ending) to help others in the process. 


Suggested Show Topics: 

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Train Your Mind, Heal Your Body: A "Body Translator's" View of Disease

For Parenting Shows: You're Not Crazy, You're an Empath: 7 Signs that Your Child (and Maybe YOU) Feels Too Much

You're Not Crazy, You're an Empath: 7 Signs that You Feel Too Much & What You Can Do About It! 

The Truth About Becoming a Bestselling Author:The 6 Common Myths That Are Costing You a Ridiculous Amount of Time, Money, and Frustration

Relationship Intervention: Breaking Your Addiction to Bad Relationships so You Can Get Amazing Relationships & Find Your Soulmate


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