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Listen to Tara's Interview with The Road to Enlightenment with Kellie Fitzgerald

If you've ever wondered why one person gets pain or disease and another does not, or why someone keeps dating the exact same kind of negative person again and again (even when they are looking for something totally different), award-winning author and "disease and life hacker" Tara Meyer-Robson has the answers you are looking for! 

Tara had always known there was a connection between the mind and body, but it took being diagnosed with "incurable" chronic fatigue syndrome to finally cause her to research Eastern and Western Medicine, psychology, energetic medicine, and other spiritual traditions to make the discovery that healed her and became The Flow Method. 

Even better, she realized that when she applied the principles of The Flow Method to working with individuals, she could pinpoint the underlying reason for their pain, disease, or negative patterns in under a minute. From there, she could hack their underlying beliefs to create a step-by-step, personalized action plan that worked for them individually. (She's done this on stage here in the US and overseas)

Never one-size-fits-all (which doesn't work!), her first book, The Flow: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation, uses two ground-breaking tests to pinpoint the specific underlying beliefs that are causing the trouble - and then walks the reader through creating their own personalized action plan to shift this in 40 days (or less).