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Coming soon - a members-only program to help you to manifest your dream life! 

Be the first to know when it's live; grab your free healing and transformation meditation and get notice when it's up and running! 

The Academy will include: 

  • A full-length monthly guided meditation
  • 2 group calls with me - you can get personalized advice and help!  (If you want to work with me personally, this is the ONLY way available, as I'm no longer doing individual coaching) 
  • Daily inspiration to keep you on track
  • Members-only special programs, designed to fast-track your life transformation
  • Access to a members-only archive of videos that will help you to unravel the mystery of why you have negative habits and life patterns, what your body is trying to tell you with manifested pain and disease, and how YOU can take back control over your life heal all areas of your mind, body, and life.  
  • And much more!

I am telling you, this Academy will blow your mind - and blow you away with how empowered you will feel about creating your dream life.  

See you in the Academy soon... 

 :o) Tara 


Grab your free healing meditation now!

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