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Thank you for reading The Flow Method! I hope that it has been helpful to you in your journey to create an amazing life for yourself, whether you are changing negative patterns, focused on manifesting better experiences for yourself, or working on healing. 

As a "thank you" for reading, here are some meditations and more to support your progress. 

In addition, if you'd like a personal session with me, use code READER36 to get 15% off for your first session (often only one session is needed). 

And, as always, I love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me using the contact form below or to leave a voicemail for me by clicking "send voicemail" to the right! 

May today and every day be in The Flow with the life of your dreams - 

Much love, 


The Shield Exercise/Meditation - 9 minutes

Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you have to deal with a lot of negative people? If you answered yes, then the Shield Exercise is perfect for you. At only 9 minutes long, this is a simple practice that can have profound effects. I highly recommend incorporating this practice into your morning ritual. 

Pain Release Meditation:35 minutes

If you are dealing with pain, you know how exhausting it can be. This meditation is designed to release the pain you are feeling and restore your energy and happiness. 

The Flow 4 for 40 Action Plan:

Here is a downloadable version of the contract I suggest you create for your 4 for 40 Action Plan!