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The Essential Guide to Identifying and Protecting Yourself from Energetic Vampires

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If you've ever walked away from an interaction with someone and felt completely drained and worn out, it's likely you were in the presence of an emotional or energetic vampire. Empaths tend to attract these kinds of people more than the average person, simply because we are more willing to try to help others and often have lots of energy and care to give. Unfortunately, if you don't learn to protect yourself from an EV, you can end up manipulated, sick, and without any energy for yourself or to help those who truly deserve it. 

In this free class, I will teach you what an energetic vampire is, how to easily identify one, what signs your body will give you when you are dealing with one, and how to protect yourself while dealing with an EV. These are critical skills to have if you are an empath - don't miss! 

Everyone who attends during the live call will be entered in a contest to get either a free empath or healing session with me!