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Why Pain and Disease is NOT Your Fault:

Understanding the connection between your mind, your body, and your life

As I talk about in this video, I want you to understand - really, truly, and deeply understand - that while there is an unconscious underlying reason for the negative patterns in your life and the disease or pain you are experiencing, you are NOT at fault for any of that!!!

The key word is UNconscious. If you are not conscious of it, then how can it be your fault?

It’s not.

However, the great thing is that this course will give you every tool to identify any problem unconscious programming and then reset that programming in to health, happiness, joy, and wellness.

So, once you become aware of the unconscious problem, you can use your conscious mind (and this system) to shift.

Also, there are ways to bring your awareness to what’s going on in your life, and by so doing, catch a negative process before it tunes you into pain and disease. Watch the video to find out how.