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Thanks for being here!

I compiled a bunch of my recent interviews, some publications, and some of my videos in one spot to make it easier for you to review. 

Update 2/7: Just found out that my work has been selected to present and be published for the Science of Consciousness conference in Tuscon, AZ in early April! Very excited about it. Thank you for being here! 


My dad and I did a podcast for a couple of years, and we had some incredible guests on. My favorite was Dr. Bernie Siegel, an incredible author, amazing human being, noted oncologist, and ground-breaker in mind-body medicine, who was the one who inspired me to look deeper into the mind-body connection. 


I've been interviewed on many podcasts and radio shows. Here's a sample of some recent ones. The David Clarke show from a few days ago has some great callers that I helped on-the-spot to translate their body language of pain and illness. 


I have a confession: I am flat-out awful at remembering to get video of me speaking at events (I know, I should do better with that!). So, I've given you a few of my videos to give you a feel for my style. I pride myself on being authentic, warm, and deeply connecting with the audience.


1. Book launch event at the Bucharest Book Festival

I was super excited to have my book translated into Romanian! This is from the launch event at the fair; my publisher is translating while I speak, so it's a little broken up. 


2. Live Webinar: Empath Academy

I teach an online academy for highly-sensitive people; this is one of the live webinars I did. 

3. Other videos from my online academy: 

A sample of some recorded lessons I've done for the academy.


4. A couple of videos from my site: 

Here are a couple of short videos I've done for my site, and a link to a pitch I did for Oprah's "Win Your OWN Show" Audition. (That was a strange experience, but that's a story for another day.)