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How to Stick to an Action Plan

3 Ways to Stay Motivated - Part 1: Take Control of One Thing at a Time

3 Ways to Stay Motivated - Part 1: Take Control of One Thing at a Time

So, you have decided to restore your health, find love, build a more successful business, or change your life. Awesome! You do research, come up with a plan, get all jazzed up and get going. It all goes great for a little while, until you hit a bump in the road - maybe a life emergency comes screaming in, maybe you get sicker, maybe you just aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for from your efforts.

And that is where you hit the wall - the motivation goes out the window, and you fall right back into your old ways. 

So, how can you avoid this fate? How do you take it all in stride for the long haul so that you can have the success story you dream of? 

How to Not Give Up When You Are Stuck

How to Not Give Up When You Are Stuck

We’ve all been there: You are working and working at something––a business idea, a project, a fitness goal, adopting a child, whatever––and you hit a brick wall in your progress. Maybe someone shoots down your business idea. Perhaps you get writer’s block. Maybe you stop seeing progress in your weight loss goals. 

Right then and there, you consider giving up. 


If it was important enough for you to start going after it, then it’s important enough for you to keep going after it.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated - Part 2: Take an Ax to Your "Big Issue"

Here’s the thing: Real, long-term change rarely happens overnight, and it certainly doesn’t happen on big issues. In order to profoundly change a major issue in your life, you need to actually change the neural pathways that are creating the problem. To do that, you need to set up a plan for success and then take actions every single day for 40 days to “retune” your mind into a new reality.