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5 Inspiring Quotes to Help YOU Make a Leap of Faith this Leap Day!

I love Leap Days - there's something about the gift of an extra day and the idea of leaping into the future that has always resonated with me. 

I loved it even more when the totally brilliant Tina Fey created "Leap Day William' and an entire fake Leap Day holiday on her show 30 Rock. While it's definitely making fun of fake holidays, the show is all about the idea of taking risks in your life and embracing the potential of the future (while creating silly traditions out of the holiday, such as wearing blue or eating rhubarb). 

I particularly love the sentiment that comes from her boyfriend Criss says, "It's Leap Day! Real life is for March!" Of course, the idea is that this day is a gift; a time to be optimistic and stop the old routine of your life for one day and see what happens. 

It seems like a great idea to me. So, if you'd like to shake your life up a bit and commit to taking a risk to go after your dream life this Leap Day, here are 10 inspiring quotes to help you: 

1. Do the thing you fear the most (it's likely exactly what you need to do): 

It's amazing to me how many times my life changes profoundly when I do something I'm afraid of doing. Not only is it totally empowering to face your fears and succeed, it's also the very action I needed to take to get to the next place in my life. After all, making it to that next level in life means pushing out of your comfort zone, and pushing out of your comfort zone can be overnight-in-a-haunted-house scary for most of us. 

What action could you take RIGHT NOW that has the potential of pushing you forward toward the life you REALLY want? Take it now (before you get all logical and talk yourself out of it). 

Still scared and need a little extra help (and a true story of freaking out from me)? Check out this post

Oh, and let me know what it was (and how it worked out for you). I love to hear these kinds of stories! 

2. Not sure what your dream is? Get clear today. 

Sometimes we know that we have a haven't-eaten-in-days kind of aching hunger in our souls to DO something really big in this world, but we just aren't sure what it is. 

If that sounds like you, define your dreams today - it's actually easier than you think! This post will help you in just 3 easy steps!

3. The scariest thing you can do today? Decide you are perfect as you are.

If there is one massively huge thing that you could do to take a serious leap forward today it would be to totally, completely, and with crazy abandon love yourself. As you are. Right now. In the body you have. Without one single change. 

You see, self-hate is something that brings all of our dreams to a screeching halt. After all, if you secretly think you totally suck but you want to do something awesome that the world has never seen before (and want people to embrace this vision), how exactly do you think that's going to go? You're really likely to meet insane opposition to your dream and attract people who confirm your belief that you suck, which is a serious dream-killer. 

If, instead, you commit to seeing yourself as unique, interesting, intelligent and totally perfect as you are, you're likely to attract great people to your life that will get on board with your ground-breaking vision and will move you forward in a big way. 

And, if you aren't trying to change the world but are just trying to change your life by meeting a guy who actually treats you like a human being or finally finding a job that doesn't make you want to stay in bed all day, deciding that you are awesome is REALLY critical to making that happen, too. 

On this leap day, take a leap of faith that you are incredibly perfect. Then, commit to stopping the negative self-talk, the unneeded apologies, the crippling perfectionism, and the hateful things you do to yourself and just see how completely great life can be. (Oh, and definitely comment below to tell me about it!!)

4. Be who YOU truly are! 

In a related idea, get really clear about who you truly are and commit to simply being THAT person all the time, without apology. 

Ya know, that may not sound that scary (or maybe it does), but one of the most revolutionary things you can do is simple BE yourself. All the time. Even when your parents want you to be something else. Even when you are with your boss or co-workers and don't want to seem like a weirdo. 

The thing is that when you are truly honest about who you are and you commit to simply being you in ALL situations, you start to attract really terrific like-minded people to you that truly appreciate you for who you are. 

You know why? Because you exude confidence in yourself. So do that. 

Need help being blazing your own, confident trail to your dreams? This post can help!

5. Let go of the wrong people. Now. 

let go confidence tara meyer-robson.jpg

Sometimes we have people in our life that we've had for a long time, but they really just aren't people that are making us happy anymore. Sometimes we try to force a relationship into becoming "the one," when he's really just not that into you. Sometimes we are afraid that if we let go, we will become the crazy old cat lady that all the kids in the neighborhood are afraid of. 

I'm here to tell you that letting go of the wrong people is the BEST path to finding the people that are really great for you. Honestly, the biggest changes in my life came when I decided to let go of relationships that were slowly sucking the life out of me and be completely okay on my own. 

Next guy I decided to date? Enter my completely awesome hubby of 16+ years

On this Leap Day 2016, commit to deciding who in your life is good for you and you want to keep around, and who is better left behind. Then let go of anyone who is no longer making you feel good, happy, or loved (because seriously, anything else is a total waste of your time and energy). 

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