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After the Paris Attacks: What My Sleeping Dog Taught Me About How ONE Person Can Make a Difference

I've had a hard time sleeping since the Paris attacks. I close my eyes, and all I see is the terror, the hate, the inhumanity. My mind can't understand how someone can do such horrible things. Filled with these thoughts, I've found myself caught in the belief that this is a cruel world, and sickened by the fact that I don't know how to fix it or what to do to help. 

Then, this morning, I woke to find my sweet dog sound asleep on his teddy bear. Looking at him, sleeping happily and without a concern in the world, I realized that my husband and I have created a home filled with peace and love, that allows him and all who enter to feel safe and supported. 

And it occurred to me - maybe that's what we can all do to change the world: Focus on creating peace in our own homes, in our own relationships, in our interactions with each other online and in person. Take time to be generous to others, and peaceful in our words to them and to ourselves. Reach out to those that don't seem to have friends, and help them to feel part of the community. Take time to call loved ones and let them know you care.

Sure, there are things that have to be done to combat the terrorism directly, but I'm not in the military or police, and certainly have little say in the direction that goes. But I can make changes that assure that the world around me gets better, little by little. 

I've always believed Gandhi's approach "be the change you wish to see in the world." Now, perhaps more than ever, we need to take this to heart and make a conscious choice to act with love and kindness and peace - and perhaps, just perhaps, that will begin to go viral. Wouldn't that be nice? Let's make peace go viral. I believe it can be done - if we share peace like we share posts, it can be done. Sending love and peace to all today...