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Welcome! I am so happy you are here.

I hope you are excited to shift your perception of pain and disease, and to be able to have real, science-based, results-oriented help to shift your mind, body, and life into healing, wellness, flow, and joy!

Here are the first steps to getting started:

First, make sure you register for the live calls.
This makes sure that you never miss an upcoming live call! On these calls, you can get on-the-spot help from me on any difficult body translations you are dealing with, life issues, or whatever else.

To do register, click below:

How to go through the course:

To the left, you will see the list of all the lessons and resources in the course. It’s important that you go through the lessons in order, from top to bottom. Each lesson builds from the one before it, so you need to learn each in order for the whole system to make sense.

To start, watch these four videos!

Understanding (and expecting) a healing crisis:

Why getting a diagnosis is so important:


Please make sure you download both these resources. I HIGHLY suggest printing out the workbook (it is a full overview of the entire course). By printing it out, you will not only be able to follow along as I have each slide up on the video lesson, but you will be able to refer to specific symptoms and be able to start putting them together in the translation process.

The second download is my book, The Flow Method: 40 Days to Total Life Transformation in ebook format.

When you are done with all of this, move on to the next lesson.