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Healing Session

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Mind-body healing imagePng.png

Healing Session


Are you dealing with illness, pain, or negative patterns? Would you like to find out the underlying reason for these and be able to move quickly to healing, happiness, and creating a better life? 

If so, a healing session with Tara is what you need! 

In this one-hour session, Tara will decipher exactly what your body is trying to tell you with disease manifestation and will tie this to any out-of-the-Flow issues going on in your life. You will be amazed at how literal your body can be when trying to tell you that there are less-than-healthy underlying beliefs and issues going on! 

Once Tara pinpoints the underlying issues, she then creates a specific, totally individualized action plan for you to follow for 40 days. The plan is designed around your particular needs and goals, including designing specific affirmations (or retuning statements, as Tara calls them) to shift any problem thought processes and beliefs into the desired frequency.

Even better, she designs this plan to work with the way that YOU learn best. So, if you are a visual person, the actions will be designed around that. If you learn best by hearing, actions will be auditory in nature. 

Best of all, Tara can usually shift things for you in 1 session - even if you are dealing with a serious illness*. Pain is usually gone in a session. 

*Serious illnesses can require a few sessions to get you through the initial healing crisis, but that is not always the case. It will depend on how you and your system reacts to the shift. Regardless, you should be feeling lots better and much more in control in 1 session. 

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