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Custom Meditation


Custom Meditation


Are you dealing with pain or disease, and would like to have a custom meditation created just for you? Here's how to do it! 

What it is: A customized meditation, complete with affirmations and images specific to whatever you are dealing with. 

Why you might need it: If you are dealing with pain or disease and are working on healing, it can be very helpful to have a meditation that works with your subconscious mind in the perfect way to help support your healing process. 

What the process looks like: You'll purchase the custom mediation, and within 24 hours, I will reach out to you with a set of individualized questions designed to understand the underlying issues going on, as well as to find the most powerful images for your healing. Each of us is totally unique, so the images that might work for one person will not be effective for someone else. 

For instance, for some people, going in to a forest is very relaxing, but for others, it is very stressful (maybe they had a bad experience while hiking). The color blue might be the perfect color for you to visualize healing, but it might be pink or gold or any other color of the rainbow for someone else. 

The main focus here is to create a meditation that fits you and your needs perfectly to give you the extra support and mental retuning to heal. 

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Please note: Because each meditation takes 2 - 3 hours to create, record, and edit, I only schedule 2 custom meditations per week, max. Once you order, I will let you know the exact date that I can create this for you. I try to make sure that it is never more than 2 weeks out.