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Are you in the Denver area? Join my "Mind-Body Healing for Everyone" MeetUp! 

We are currently meeting every month to focus on a different aspect of mind-body healing, including how to translate the messages your body is sending you in the form of pain or illness, how to shift negative habits with ease, understanding why certain things are triggers for you, and more. 

It's been wonderful to meet terrific people and to help members on the spot. Please join us! All regular MeetUps are free; occasionally I will add classes on there that have an enrollment fee. However, my mission is to offer as much free as I can. :) 


Here’s what some fellow group members had to say about the last two MeetUps: 

“Tara is amazing and very comfortable to be with.” - Heather Thompson

“Tara is obviously passionate about her work and was well-prepared with content and handouts. I enjoyed her teaching approach: easy to follow and understand. She repeatedly made time for questions. I highly recommend this meetup with Tara and will be going again.” - Robbie

“I really enjoyed the Meetup. Tara is incredibly talented and intuitive. Looking forward to taking your class!” - Judy

“Fascinating methodology.” - Talitha

To join or check out upcoming events, click here