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Congrats! Here are Your Free Healing Meditations! 

Ready to start tuning into wellness, health, and happiness? These meditations will start shifting your frequency now. 

Meditation #1:

Heal and Transform Meditation


It's great to use anytime, but it's especially nice to listen to as you fall asleep. Yes, you will drift off while listening to it (I've been told I have a very soothing voice), but your subconscious mind will still get all the good stuff and start retuning your mind into health, happiness, and all good things. You'll also have the added bonus of sleeping really soundly! 

Click on "download" below to get the Heal & Transform meditation now!  




Meditation #2:

Healing Waters Meditation, for Use During Chemotherapy


First of all, I know you are so scared and unsure as you face both cancer and chemotherapy. I just want to let you know that you CAN do this; you CAN heal - you ARE strong!!! I've seen so many people heal from even Stage 4 cancer, so please know that you have it within you to heal from this disease. 

I created this meditation for my sister as she went through chemotherapy for Stage 2 breast cancer. The focus of the meditation is to allow the chemo to go to the cells that need to be wiped out, while protecting all your good cells as well as all the vital organs of your body from the effects of chemo. Of course, it's well known that chemo has side effects on the liver, heart, and circulatory system, so this meditation is design to protect those vital systems from damage. (If you are dealing with liver cancer, the meditation allows the chemo to go to that area, of course!)

I will say that my sister came through the chemo "remarkably," according to her nurses. Her counts always stayed very high, and she had much less side effects than others. 

I hope the same for you, too.

You can listen to this meditation while you are having chemotherapy, and I highly suggest that you do. Chemo is a scary process; this will help you to stay empowered and centered as you are having a treatment.

I also highly suggest that you listen to this meditation as you go to sleep each night; it will help you to sleep better and will keep working even when you are asleep. 

To download this meditation, click the "download" link on the right-hand side of the music player below: 


Please let me know what you think of these meditations! 

Here's to you being in The Flow with the life of your dreams from this moment forward -


Tara Meyer-Robson

p.s. Please use these meditations along with your medical team to create a plan for healing for you. At no time stop treatment without discussing with your doctor or medical team. The focus of the work I do is to provide an integrative approach with your medical team to help support and empower your healing.