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Your custom meditation: 

In this meditation, I've put images, colors, and retuning statements/affirmations which exactly match what you indicated. So, you'll find yourself in your lovely garden with your bunnies. You'll be surrounded by pink healing light. You'll hear the sounds of birds singing.

I also focused on constructing retuning statements/affirmations to deal with the feeling of disconnectedness that came on after your diagnosis, surgery, and chemo. Because of the timing of it, it seems it is a response to a new scary hurdle to deal with; like you are pulling out of your body in response to an outside experience that is difficult and scary (a rather reasonable response). In addition, I think the blurry vision is related - it's scary to look at the present moment or even peer into the future when you have a diagnosis such as this. 

So, I put specific statements and images that will help you to stay in your body, heal from within, and merge yourself with a beautiful future vision of yourself as empowered, healthy, and living a life filled with joy and potential. 

I hope that this all works beautifully for you. If there's anything you don't like (such as the volume of music), then let me know and I can adjust it. 

Sending you love and healing -