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I'm delighted to have been named a Expert, measuring in the top .1% of experts online in a variety of topics. measures a person's influence, authority, and expertise in various topics online. It's a way to help people online know that the people they choose to work with are experts in the areas they claim to be. is a truly neutral third-party application; no one can pay or advertise in exchange for an increase in their expert scores, making it a true indicator of an individual's expertise. You can find out more about Experts here. 

I'm happy to say that I've been named an Expert by in the following areas:* 

Klout Expert Ranking: 

Life Coaching: Top 40 (of 4,200 Experts) 

Creative Writing: Top 40 (of 4,800 Experts)

Health: Top 50 (of 51,000 Experts)

Energy: Top 55 (of 27,000 Experts)

Lifestyle: Top 100 (of 21,000 Experts)

Self Improvement: Top 100 (of 10,000 Experts) 

Yoga: Top 100 (of 12,000 Experts)

Personal Development: Top 200 (of 18,000 Experts) 

Religion and Spirituality: Top 950 (of 960,000 Experts)

Healing: Top 10 (of 8,100 Experts)

Meditation: Top 15 (of 7,100 Experts) 

Spirituality: Top 15 (of 14,000 Experts)

Philosophy: Top 15 (of 12,000 Experts)

Happiness: Top 20 (of 11,000 Experts)

Self-Esteem: Top 20 (of 11,500 Experts)

Entrepreneurship: Top 20 (of 17,000 Experts)

Emotional Intelligence: Top 25 (of 5,000 Experts)

Leadership: Top 35 (of 36,000 Experts) 

*As of 6/5/2015

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