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Here's your Empath Essentials Toolkit! 


The shield practice is an essential to keeping yourself centered and not absorbing other's emotions and energy through the day. Do this 9-minute guided practice every morning and see what it does for you!  


Body Scan: 

Please use this practice every single night as you go to sleep; this will help you clear off all the stuff you've absorbed during the day and should help you to feel more refreshed and centered. 

4 A's Practice: 

This is a practice I teach on how to become aware of where the energy you feel is coming from, and then to decide what you need to do about it. I believe this practice will REALLY help you to know whether or not you actually need to help someone, even if they are asking for your help and seeming to be very much in need. There's a line between helping and enabling, as well as between someone truly in need and someone who is a taker. This practice can help you significantly with all of that. 

The videos below are in order: Aware, Acknowledge, Ask, and Act. I've also included a video I did on going beyond this practice as well. 


Would you like personalized help on any challenges you are facing as an Empath? 

Set up an Empath Session with me! During these sessions, I developed a personalized program for you based on the particular way your empath gifts show up, how you specifically absorb energy, and what kinds of issues you are dealing with. In an hour, you'll be given everything you need to be able to take charge of your empathic nature and use it to help yourself and the world. 

As a member of the Summit, you get 20% off of any empath session that you book by June 30th! Use code EESUMMIT2018 when checking out! 

Thanks so much for being here. I hope all is beautiful in your world today! I love helping fellow empaths, so please reach out if you have questions.

Much love,