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Station 6 Lesson: The Power of Positive Communication

Station 6 Lesson:

In Station 6, you are dealing with all your beliefs about your ability to solve problems in your life and to be able to find solutions that bring you to the kind of life you desire. You are also dealing with your unconscious beliefs about your brain power - were you told that you were smart? Or not? Much of that underlying programming can set a person up for issues in life.

Station 6 also deals with your mental intuition. While Station 3 deals with your gut instinct - that more physical representation of your intuition - Station 6 deals with the more sensory and mental aspects of intuition. We all have intuition; some of us have been told that it is evil or bad, and shut it off. If so, you can develop migraines here.

In this lesson, you’ll learn the many ways that problem beliefs in this Station show up as negative life patterns that become corresponding physical issues.

Station 6 deals with these areas of the body:

Station 6 Lesson:

Station 6 resources and support for retuning: