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Station 4 Lesson:

In Station 4, you find all the beliefs around your ability and right to feel all the feels in this world. For many of us, we were taught to repress emotions, or that some emotions are “good” and some emotions are “bad.” In reality, we need to be able to allow ourself to feel every emotion, bring awareness to it, express it in positive ways, and let it flow out. Repressed emotions or a belief in “bad” emotions causes all kinds of problems in the body and in your life. In this lesson, you’ll find out exactly what those problems are and what aspects they affect.

Station 4 is literally the HEART of the matter, and of your world.

Station 4 deals with these areas of the body:

Station 4 lesson:

Please bear with me - Station 4 needs to be re-recorded due to an error in the video. This will be back up ASAP.

Station 4 resources and support:

If you are dealing with Station 4 issues, these audio and visual meditations are perfect for you! You can use them on their own, or you can select them as exercises as part of your overall action plan.

Audio Meditations:

Visual meditations: