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Station 2: The Energy of Individual Dynamics and Creative Power

Station 2 beliefs deal with one-on-one relationships. So, while in Station 1, you deal with your relationship with the groups in your life, in Station 2, you are dealing with each individual in that group. All romantic relationships fall in this area, which is why you might see a negative pattern of dating the same person over and over, even if you consciously say that you are NEVER going to date that kind of person again.

Station 2 also deals with your beliefs around being able to physically create in this world, whether it is a physical child, a book, a project, a business, or anything else you’d like to physically birth. You can have negative underlying beliefs at any point of the birthing process, which is why some people are great at coming up with ideas (conception), but terrible at carrying that idea to term (miscarriage).

It also deals with your ability to create what you need, such as money and material things. And, because it deals with everything to do with physical creation, it ALSO has to do with any limiting or problem beliefs you have with sexuality and pleasure.

Station 2 is literally your creative and pleasure center.

Station 2 deals with these areas of the body:

If you are tuning into negativity here, you will find that you have disease, pain, or extra weight in these areas: 

  • lower vertebrae

  • pelvis

  • sexual organs

  • bladder

  • large intestine

  • hips

  • buttocks

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