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Stepping Forward into Your Future Self

When you are trying to shift into the mindset to create your desired future, it can be difficult. This meditation is designed to help you to visualize what you truly want - whether it is healing, joy, love, success, or whatever else - and to fully step forward into that reality with confidence.

This is an excellent one to do at the end of the day as you fall asleep. You can do this on it’s own, or you can use this as one of your exercises in your healing action plan.


If you feel like you take on too much of everyone else’s energy around you and if you feel like you tend to take that on in one area of your body more than others (such as in your gut or on your shoulders), this is the perfect practice for you. It’s a great one to use in the morning every morning (you won’t believe how much better you will feel!).

You can use this on it’s own, or as an exercise that’s part of your healing action plan.


This is an excellent meditation to use if you are both feeling like you cannot protect yourself, and if you are feeling that you are not on solid ground. If you have both Station 1 and Station 3 showing up in your Flow Factor, then this is spot on as a practice for you. I highly recommend doing this in the morning each morning; it will make a huge difference in your energy and life.

You can use this meditation on it’s own, or as part of your action plan.

Station 4 Visual Mediation

This visual meditation is excellent to use to help you to retune your mind in to health, wellness, and ease in Station 4. To make it most effective, take a moment to call up a truly happy moment in your life. Imagine that moment in as much detail as you can, allowing yourself to feel happiness and excitement flow all over your body. Then, start this visual meditation, and stay connected to those feelings of joy and hope.

Forgive + Release: Cutting the Cord

Do you have things in your life that are hard for you to let go of? Do you feel that forgiveness is extremely difficult or impossible? Do you hold grudges? Or, are you a seriously sensitive and empathic soul, and are always connected to all the pain in the world?

This is the practice that will help you.

Pain Release + Wellness Restore

If you are dealing with any kind of ache or pain, this meditation is designed to help you to pull that out of your body and restore yourself to wellness. This is a great one to use as you fall asleep, but is absolutely appropriate to help you at any time you are feeling pain throughout the day.